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“Learn to access your inner wisdom

I believe that you can be your own greatest teacher, coach, and advisor when you learn to listen to your inner wisdom. But this inner wisdom is often silenced through our upbringing and by relying on society to dictate how we live. Without being able to hear our inner advisor, we can become stuck, unable to feel contentment in our lives, and unable to be confident in the decisions we make. As an intuitive coach, I help you learn to access your inner wisdom, allowing you to transition into alignment with your true self and step into a more positive, meaningful life.

"Profound. Eye opening. Life changing!  Rosa is a super friendly, kind hearted and open minded woman. After our first session I already felt like I had known her for much longer. I couldn’t recommend Rosa more! If there is something in your life that you would like to change or that you feel you could need support with, then: Rosa is the right person! Trust me, you will be amazed.”

Aleksandra - Health coach (Germany)

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Offering intuitive life coaching during life transitions, helping you access your inner wisdom to find clarity, alignment, and purpose.

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Ready to take one of the most transformational journeys of your life? Finding the right coach is essential. It needs to be someone you can trust, someone who truly listens, and someone who can use intuitive methods to identify how to break through the blocks you are facing. Book a free  30-minute intake to find out if we’re the right fit and to decide on a plan of action. 

Download my free self-discovery workbook

Get inspired today by journeying through this workbook full of intention setting exercises, creative challenges, and journaling prompts. It gives you a great introduction to discovering your true self, and it’s yours to keep.

You have likely found this website because you know that something significant needs to change in your life, and you don't know where to start. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • I feel stuck and out of balance in my life. 

  • I've tried coaching or counselling and didn't find it helpful. 

  • I'm struggling with having a sense of meaning or purpose in my life. 

  • I struggle with needing outside validation and find it hard to love myself. 

  • I'm not feeling satisfied with my relationships. 

  • I feel restless, insecure, anxious, or numb.

  • I have no clear idea of where to go with my life. 

I am here to tell you, things will get better once you learn to trust your inner wisdom and live more in alignment with your true values. Now is the time to act. Connect with me to learn more about how I can help you discover your values, feel confident in your decisions, and live a more meaningful life.    

One-on-one coaching

Are you ready to make a positive transition in your life? To access the deepest levels of your soul and experience an awakening of your true self? I am here to guide you to discover your own greatness, your own strength, your own wisdom. The intuitive life coaching I offer allows us to work on a soul level for lasting results.    

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Group coaching 

I offer in-person and online group coaching, which can be anything from individual workshops to multi-week life coaching classes. I've done these workshops and classes in my home country of The Netherlands, and all over the world.


Inner freedom

Relationship alignment


Clarity and purpose

A meaningful career

A strong sense of self

Come home to yourself with intuitive life coaching and experience:

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