I offer my coaching both in-person and online, which allows me to work with clients from many different countries. I've worked all over the world, and I'm currently based in my home country of The Netherlands. I spend a part of each year in Bali, where I lived for four years. 


Fifteen years ago, I began the journey of accessing my inner wisdom, the same journey that I lead clients through today.  On this journey, I have experienced many great transitions. I transitioned from living and working in The Netherlands to living and working in Bali for four years. I transitioned from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Most importantly, I continue to grow every year, transitioning into my own the best version of myself and fulfilling my dreams and my purpose. Over the years, I have become highly attuned to using intuitive life coaching methods to identify what is holding a client back quickly, so we can tackle core issues from the very first session. Many of my clients have found lasting success through my coaching after other unsuccessful attempts to grow through traditional coaching and counselling methods. 


I’ve studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), yoga, and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). I’ve explored psychology methods with some amazing teachers. I’ve delved in meditation, mediumship, and spirit healing to support clients on an energetic level. I studied Dance Coaching to offer an additional layer of somatic coaching to my practice. 


It is through my intuitive coaching method, and this holistic combination of study, that I help my clients deactivate unconscious fears and unhelpful thought patterns to create lasting change in their lives. And I want to help you do the same. I am here when you are ready to help nourish your inner teacher and bring that small inner voice of wisdom from a whisper to a roar. To start the journey of coming home to yourself.


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"I had a life changing experience with Rosa. I got  to really see things about myself that I had never confronted, and got to look deep within myself through Rosa's deep insights and talked it all through with her wisdom and visions. I recommend this to anyone just to get  more in touch with yourself and to live a more authentic life and be the best version of yourself, through her psychic sessions and through her life coaching.”

Justine - teacher (Australia)


Nice to meet you

My name is Rosa Winkel, and I am here to guide you on your way back home.