Group coaching sessions are highly interactive and typically run from 2-4 hours. I have offered them at yoga studios, corporate retreats, wellness getaways, and more. Group work can be very uplifting and foster a strong sense of connection among participants.  


Some of the benefits of group workshops include: 


  • Team building

  • Navigating change (reorganization)

  • Fostering connection 

  • Building trust 

  • Enhancing leadership skills 

  • Preventing burn out / bore out


When planning workshops, we will discuss upfront what the main focus and desires are for the workshop as a starting point. During the workshop, my work is very intuitive as I tune into the participants. Themes that may emerge include self-confidence, personal leadership, and self-love. 


Tools I use in workshops include: 


  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Guided meditations

  • Creative assignments

  • Dance and movement 

  • Writing exercises


From my experience working with groups, I know it’s important for people to feel safe within the space as it can be scary to open up to a room full of people. So at the beginning of a workshop, I facilitate activities to establish trust within the space. I can hold space in a room and create a friendly, safe environment for people to go on the journey together. Participants quickly realize they can be open and honest, and that they are not alone in what they’re going through. There is nothing like the power of group energy to experience healing and connection with others. 


Interested in discussing if a group workshop is a fit for your event, company, or studio? Book a no-obligation call with me to discuss ideas today.

Group Coaching

I offer in-person and online group coaching, which can be anything from individual workshops to multi-week life coaching classes. I've done these workshops and classes in my home country of The Netherlands, and all over the world.