Like a caterpillar prepares for its journey into becoming a butterfly by drawing into a tight cocoon, I will help you prepare for the journey into transforming into your most beautiful self because you deserve it. And because more than ever, the world need you. To wake up to and acknowledge your higher self, to learn why you are here on earth, and to fulfil your purpose. Your existence matters and you have a valuable contribution to make to this world.


In our work together, you will experience gradual, subtle changes, along with "aha!" moments of discovery once you are ready. Using intuitive life coaching methods from our very first session, I will help you pinpoint the work to be done, pain points to address, and the areas where you feel stuck. This in-depth work gives you a strong foundation to grow from and starts a ripple effect of change in all areas of your life.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in a package which usually consists of 12 sessions. These include:

  • Setting intentions and achieving breakthroughs 

  • Intuitive guidance, working on a soul level

  • Spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness

  • Creative assignments, such as journaling and vision boards

  • Guided dance and movement exercises to awaken the wisdom within your body

  • Practical tricks and tools to incorporate into your daily life


I am honoured to be your guide on this journey. To help you learn to access your inner wisdom starting in our very first session. That way, you’ll soon discover that you are your own greatest advisor, and that is the highest compliment to my work!

Each session is a minimum of 60 minutes, and may go up to 90 minutes depending on what shows up in the sessions. I can work with clients face to face or online through video conferencing.

Ready to get started on your journey? If this resonates with you, or you would like to find out more about intuitive life coaching, book your free intake today!  

One-on-one coaching sessions

Are you ready to make a positive transition in your life? To access the deepest levels of your soul and experience an awakening of your true self? I am here to guide you to discover your own greatness, your own strength, your own wisdom. The intuitive life coaching I offer allows us to work on a soul level for lasting results.